Christmas is over…now what??

The decorating, planning, parties & present opening has come to an end…Now what???  Time to figure out what to do with all of those new toys, electronics (how many chargers do you have in your house???), new clothes, boots & so much more!  Weather it is one room that needs to be organized, or every room in the house, our advice is to take it one area at a time.  You don’t want to get overwhelmed.  We started by putting the christmas decorations away.  If you are like us, you love decorating and how the house feels festive with all the lights & decorations, but also love when it all gets put away.  Although the process is NOT fun, your house will magically feel bigger once that project is done!

We will be sharing some of our favorite ways to stay organized…hope they help!  Remember, getting organized is one things, but staying organized is another.  Be WARNED…it is a process that never ends, but it is definitely worth the effort…you will honestly save time & money if you live in an organized home.  And, if you have kids, they will learn from your example.


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