A back door that is REALLY functional and a place to put all those papers they send home from school

MSP_0150This is our back door at Julie’s house. It’s a boring, flat, door but the one thing it had going for it is it’s metal, which means it’s magnetic 🙂   so I painted it with chalkboard paint. it makes a great spot for hanging my sons artwork, leaving notes for other members of the family or reminders of things I need to do as I walk out the door.  So on top of being super functional , its way cuter too !!

MSP_0152THE NEVER ENDING PAPERS… the amount of papers that come home from school can be overwhelming…and I don’t always want to read them right away, but I also don’t want them on the counter and I also don’t want to shove them somewhere and forget about them and miss something. so these plastic file folders are a great spot to keep all of those papers. and if you have several children, you can have a file for each of them.


You can find these cute file folders at most stores now (office stores, target, etc.)


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