Another Boys Bedroom

I did mention that we have all boys, right?!?

1-DSC_0048   We have small bedrooms so we have to utilize all of the space…we want it to look cute but also be functional.  Notice the hooks…he is only 3 so he hasn’t quite perfected putting his stuff away by himself, but we are working on it.  And the hooks are hung low enough that he can reach them.  The dresser was of course painted!  And there is that cork-board and a magnet board.




2-DSC_0026Some more storage and a place for more decorations next to the bed.  This is a storage cube from Target…and notice the PAINTED headboard.  Headboards are usually pretty inexpensive at the thrift store, and super easy to paint (oh, did I say that…I mean they are super hard to paint…you probably should not attempt it yourself and just buy the ones we paint for you!)

3-DSC_0030The other side of the bed…This little storage unit is low to the ground so owen uses it as a step stool to get into bed.  We keep hats & gloves on one side and toys on the other and a basket of books on top.  The red converse are just there for decoration…they go with the “sports” theme!




1-DSC_0008SHOE STORAGE…This is hidden behind the door, which is pretty much always open.  It was meant to go over the door, but I am not a big fan of putting hooks over the door like that…so I just hung it on the wall.  Again, with a small house and not a ton of closet space, you have to utilize every area of a room!


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