Boys Bedroom

1-DSC_0051I mentioned earlier that the kids need a “drop zone” in their own bedrooms…here is one of ours.  There are hooks for coats, hooks for hats, and this little organizer (from target) works as a side table and a place for lots of stuff (top two compartments are filled with hats & gloves & some school stuff, and then toys and electronics are in the bottom two)…and then the basket on top is where we keep all of the books!

2-DSC_0014Then we had this little area between the entry door & closet door…it was the perfect spot to add one hook so the back-pack is never lost!  It goes right there the minute he walks in the door.




3-DSC_0050Look…another cork-board…I said we LOVE them, and I wasn’t kidding.  My son does a lot of art projects so all of the cork-boards are usually FILLED!!

The head-board was made out of 2 cabinet doors from desk cabinet that we were not using.  I literally just nailed the 2 doors to the wall…they aren’t going anywhere!

And you really can’t miss the giant star wars guy.  When my son said he wanted a star wars theme I didn’t even know he liked star wars, and wasn’t sure how long he would want to keep that theme, so I didn’t want to invest a ton of money.  So, with a very neutral comforter, a few decorative pillows (I splurged on these…and got the pottery barn ones), a little yoda guy, and a few decals (I got these at costco a while ago…there was one giant one and a bunch of little ones…my son has moved the little ones all around the room a million times…he likes to make his room his own!), we had a star wars theme room without it looking like star wars threw up in there…and without spending a lot of money!

4-DSC_0018And here is the painted furniture in the room!  I wasn’t sure about the dresser when I got it…but it was FREE so I painted it, and just kept the original hardware and now I LOVE it.  And the bench was a super thrift-store find from several years ago that got painted…I still LOVE it, especially the original green beat-up leather seat!  And as you can see there are some of those little decals on the side of the dresser…the ones my son moves are usually put at his eye-level or below…not where I would have put them, but I love that he cares about how his room looks and wants to work on it himself!


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