We LOVE cork boards

Cork Boards are very functional and can be a great way to decorate…here are just a few that we have in our homes…

2-DSC_0057This one is right at the back entry-way…The cork board is the perfect spot for decorations, kids art work and christmas cards. We have another cork board in the kitchen that is uses for all of the schedules, calendars, etc. The hooks right under this cork board make this area even more functional.  Then the chalk-board with hooks for our keys makes this the perfect little “first drop-zone” when you come in the house.  I love being able to add messages to the chalk board.








1-DSC_0055The kitchen cork-board.  I wish this one could have been bigger, but this little “nook” once was once a closet.  When the kitchen got updated, this space was created so I had to work with the space that was there.  It looks like a mess…but it is an organized mess.  I keep track of everything happening during the week, month & year  in this area.  There are schedules, all of the school paper-work, forms that need to be filled out, etc.  I added a little pocket folder to the cork-board, and put any papers in there that need attention during that week.  I keep them in order or priority or return date so I don’t miss anything.  This area will be getting cleaned out soon…haven’t done all of the new year’s “cleaning out” yet!






1-DSC_0060The kids work area….with a cork board & magnet board. Kids LOVE to hang up their art work!










1-DSC_0045And here is the cork board used as a decoration…it was hard to find something I loved to go on this huge wall over the couch.  This was just a boring brown cork-board that got painted and then I added some fabric, ribbon, LOTS of pictures & things that make me happy.  I love it…and I love that it can easily be updated!

cork-1Here is a close-up of the one in Julie’s house…I admit she came up with this idea first, and then I stole it!


4 thoughts on “We LOVE cork boards

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