Today’s Project

3-DSC_0005We don’t have any girls, but luckily our cousin has 3 of them and she lets us come over and decorate their bedrooms.  We have been working on Claire’s new bedrooms since she recently lost her spot in the nursery when her baby sister arrived!  Today I was working on this project for her bedroom.

This is the BEFORE picture. Those are 3 mirrors above the hooks.  This is something my cousin had at her house but wasn’t using, so I thought we would transform it so it would work in Claire’s room.




1-DSC_0037I removed the hooks, filled in the holes with some wood filler, did some light sanding, painted it white, then added some silver sparkly paint over that (you can’t really tell in the picture…my photography skills aren’t the best…I should really leave that up to Julie), then added the super cute pink crystal knobs!  It’s going to look so cute in her room.

2-DSC_0040I will share some pictures of Claire’s bedroom SOON!


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