A space to feel inspired…

So, I had this little space in the basement that was serving as an office area and kid desk area.  It was pretty functional, but I wanted to have a space to work in where I would feel inspired!  Dr. Seuss is cool, but just wasn’t cutting it for my creativity.  And half of my stuff was in another part of the basement…not that our basement is that big and I have to walk very far to get the stuff, but I wanted it all in one space.  So here it is…it is still a work in progress….

Here it is before.  My work space on the left and the kids space on the right.

1-DSC_00112-DSC_0012 3-DSC_00137-DSC_0025







And here is what it currently looks like…Besides for the table (which I picked up the other night), I had everything else.  The black book case on the right used to look like the one on the left (see picture below), but Julie had the brilliant idea to flip it on it’s side.  GENIUS!! Soooo much storage and it is FREE!! Now I need to start painting and making this area really INSPIRING!


Looks like I thought about re-painting this bench at some point…the back has been up against a wall for so long I forgot I had done this.  That is ok…it is going to get a new look soon!




9-DSC_0029Of course I still have to pay the bills…all of my office supplies, files, etc. fit nicely into this book shelf, and the one to the right of it is the perfect spot for my printer, phone, etc.  Julie actually had that one (we like to swap furniture…since we change things so much, this definitely helps with the budget!)

SOME INSPIRATION Just having these things out where I can see them makes me want to paint! And the ladder was something Julie found one day…She was out for a run when she noticed one of my neighbor’s attempting to throw this ladder and another one that is even bigger in the garbage. We love when people throw stuff like this away!!

4-DSC_0017 6-DSC_0023 5-DSC_0018

Check back to see how this space turns out after I do some painting!  And to see where all that other furniture went…the kids still have a work space…it just got relocated and my oldest now has a work-space in his own bedroom.  Our house is always changing…I love it that way!


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