The rescued shutter I kept for myself

Remember the shutters we rescued a while back?  I said I kept one for myself and hung it in my bedroom.  I also promised to share a picture of my bedroom when it was done getting a make-over…well, I am not sure if any of my projects are every completely ‘done” so I thought I would share what the room looks like now.

1-bedroom-1Here it is.  Our bedroom is very small, but that doesn’t bother me one bit (the small closet…that is another issue…one I talk about often!!)

In addition to the shutter, I changed the comforter (Julie & I both have a bit of an obsession with new comforters!), got a few throw pillows and added the 2 frames and letter “S” above the shutter.  The thing above the bed was just wrought iron, but I paitned that white.  I think it blends in too much now, so it is either getting repainted or something else is going to be going above the bed soon!

4-bedroom-4Another view of the shutter…I absolutely LOVE it…I even hung a burlap banner on it (that I made) so everyone knows how much I “LOVE” it.  Not really…it is a bedroom…the word “Love” just works, and if you haven’t noticed it is one of my favorite words when it comes to projects & decorating!


Another view…and you can see the hooks are the perfect spot for my to hang my necklaces.

5-bedroom-5And a close-up of the pillows.  I love the different textures & patterns…especially love that I was able to incorporate some “bling” into the bedroom without making the hubby feel like it wasn’t his room anymore!

I completely forgot to take pictures of the other side of the room since nothing there got changed.  hmmm…maybe I will change it and share some before & afters later on!


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