Claire’s Bedroom…

Remember how I said we have a cousin with 3 girls, and she lets us come over & decorate her daughters’ rooms…well, here is one we have been working on recently, which includes 3 pieces that we painted for her.

01-claire-bedroom-2 I wish I could get a better picture of this whole piece.  It is so cute…obviously the middle section was meant to be a little vanity area or desk, but is currently being used as a changing table.








It is a really pretty grey color.  We wanted to do a color that would last as she gets older and and wants to change the style of her room.


07-claire-bedroom-28Claire’s mom found these adorable prints, so we created this little collage wall.

The rocking chair was once a, well, what I would call ugly brown wood with a huge gold flowery design across the top of it…so it got a coat of paint.  And we snagged the table next to it from a house in the neighborhood that was getting rehabbed.  This table was also that same ugly brown wood at one time, but it was FREE…and we LOVE free!!

11-claire-bedroom-64Here is a close-up of my favorite of the 3 prints.  Love the owls.  So, we kind of went with the owl theme a little bit on the other side of the room…

The burlap banner above the crib says “HOOT”








The cork-board (had to have one in the room!!) even got a little owl themed sign

05-claire-bedroom-14 06-claire-bedroom-16







And here is that piece I posted a before & after of previously…it finally got hung…when you walk into her room, it is the first thing you see.

10-claire-bedroom-43It all came together, and we had so much fun doing it.

And I will now apologize for the poor quality of the pictures.  I really have to start leaving that job up to Julie.






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