Boys Bedroom Make over

My 6 year old who has been obsessed with super heroes told me he didn’t want them in his room anymore. He wanted “sports” and not the “CUTE” sports room I had in mind..he wanted the White Sox,Chicago Black Hawks, Bulls, Bears…etc.  I was determined to make it the “sports” look he wanted and keep it looking “cute” enough to keep me happy too 🙂


So out went the furniture he had since he was a baby (kinda bitter sweet moment) … and then I had to figure out how to make this small Bedroom work for a growing boy who also wanted a tv in his room.

I decided to turn his bed to make it  a “day bed”.Then I built this headboard right onto the wall. Simple and inexpensive. A  sheet of beadboard cut to length, and nailed right onto the wall. framed out and painted.                                                                    then I added this Ikea shelf above it  (which is the perfect length) for a full size bed turned this way.

Decorating the shelf above the bed…I went out to the garage to find some things. I grabbed a football, dad’s old baseball mitt, some baseballs, and his hockey puck. Added  his piggy bank, baseball trophy, black hawks pendant, a few little action figure sports guys,  a picture of his cousin playing baseball. All things we had already.


To the left of  his bed is a magnet board from Ikea…I printed a picture of Michael Jordan on photo paper and put it on there along with some of our medals from runs we have done.


The Dresser:                                                                                                                                                                                                                You saw in an earlier post…I found it at a thrift store and painted his favorite color. Red !                                                             OH, and his new tv.  Of course a magnet board and another shelf.                                                                                               And that poster..ughhh…I can do without that one. oh well…it’s his room..right !!

But I do think the basketball in the wall is kinda cool…Target !! and a few more pics on the wall of  my son playing baseball.

I like to keep as many personal things in the room as I can. so the frames are filled with photos of my son playing sports. and then I framed one of his drawings of  The Chicago Bulls. those along with his boxing gloves, wraps and a few other things I found in the garage and the shelf over the dresser looked good.


The Bed Side Table. Found this at Target and it was the perfect size..but it had glass doors..not so perfect for a little boys room. so I took out the glass and added chicken wire. Now it works with the rest of the look. and it gave me plenty of storage for all of his books and other little things he likes to keep in his room.



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