I really do appreciate my kids’ teachers…


Since teacher appreciation day is this week, I wanted to give the teachers a little something so they know just how much we appreciate them (especially my 3 year old’s teacher who has to carry him into the class every day because he is crying…but she assures me he stops 2 minutes later and is a delight the rest of the day!). Since I was already thinking about valentine’s day ideas, I went and got 2 big bags of starbursts (will share the valentine’s day ideas later)…but this is what I made for the teachers.

I just got some mason jars, filled them with starbursts and made a tag that says “I am BURSTING with appreciation for my teacher” and tied it on with some yellow ribbon.  Who doesn’t like some candy, and I love glass jars.  I will share some pics of my newly made over office space soon…I used quite a few mason jars for keping all of my pens, pencils, markets, etc nice and organized!





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