Here it is…a work space I feel inspired in…

MSP_1238 MSP_1248 MSP_1240


I LOVE having my very own work space.  I really do feel more inspired in this space!  I love my painted furniture…the yellow desk just makes me happy!  I now have so much storage space and it is so much easier for me to get to everything I use on a regular basis (I am still so happy about Julie’s idea to flip the one book shelf on it’s side). I found some mason jars and other random glass and metal containers to store all of my pens, pensils and other “tools” in….they are easy to access and look cute! And last, but not least, my cute yellow chair and blue bench.  I love the fabric we used to recover them.  I especially love how the tufted seat on the bench turned out. It was our first “tufting” project….we will definitely be tufting more stuff in the future!!

MSP_1250 MSP_1252 MSP_1253


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