The kids work space…

A while ago I shared the beginning of my office transformation ( ). It is finally complete and I absolutely love having my work space all to myself.  I mentioned in my post when I started working on this area of the house, that the kids did not lose their work space…Here it is….

MSP_1254There was previously a single person desk in this area with the shelf above, so we basically just moved that desk out (and up to my oldest son’s bedroom) and replaced it with the 2 person desk.  This desk is now closer to the whole “kid area” in the basement.

Extra pencils, markers, etc are stored on the shelf above the desk, and it is always fun to frame your kids art work to add a personal touch they can be proud of!

MSP_1264 MSP_1263







I love the white cube book shelf on the back wall.  The 2 large book shelves that are currently in my work space used to be there.  They filled the space up too much and made it feel cramped and dark.  I love how open and light it feels in this area now. And I have all of my photo albums and scrap books stored in one place!!

As you can see this is also the bar area…those cabinets will definitely be one of my next projects!!  And eventually when we rearrange the basement when the boys are older, I imagine this whole area being the “entertaining” area.  Since most of our entertaining currently includes children under the age of 8, the desk works!  As I said before, our homes are ALWAYS changing.


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