we call it “Pickin”….AKA Garbage picking

a few months ago ..I was out for a run when I noticed someones trash…this time the homeowner was out..cleaning out his garage. He had this ladder at the curb and I asked if I could take it.. he laughed and said yes..so I said I would be back in a bit with my truck. when I came back he said he had another one and did I want it…ummmm YES PLEASE !!!  anyway..he told me how they hold such great memories from his childhood..how they would flip the ladder the other way and climb across them.

I thought it would make a great photo prop (christmas pictures) and then my sister hung one in her work space, So CUTE !!

the other day, I wanted to change up above my kitchen cabinets but didn’t know what to put there…my sister thought of the ladder that has been sitting in my garage because I wasn’t sure where to put it… I LOVE it !

We love when a morning run or walk turns into a good “PICK”




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