Mothers Day Gift Ideas…

“What a difference a day makes “….I Love this idea. Our Birthdays, Wedding Day and the day our son was born.

MSP_6157 MSP_6158










Go to the craft store and buy a small canvas and let your child create beautiful artwork..this one was done by our niece and we Love it!








The Fingerprint tree…again, so simple…I took some clip art of the tree trunk and then did our family’s fingerprints to make the leaves.  My Tree was done in the fall, I need to do one with more summery colors. add a quote at the bottom of the page or your family name to make it more personal.











And I LOVE this necklace my son made in Kindergarten (Thanks to his amazing teacher).  How sweet is that with his little picture and he wrote on the other side I Love you 🙂











and the little handprint !! I’ve seen other quotes about kids handprints…this one says for fall but its so sweet. one of my favorite things on my wall.

MSP_6169 MSP_6170


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