USA…where you have the freedom to be a picker….

Happy Independence Day…what a great country we live in…where you are free to pull pieces of furniture like this out of someone’s trash & turn it into your own special treasure! I wish I was the one that found this, but am happy we had the opportunity to transform it.  Hope you all have a happy & safe 4th of July!  (this was a custom piece so it is not for sale…but if you want to achieve this same look, you can start by priming the piece black, then paint it red.  In addition to distressing by hand, we also used a detail power sander to get some of the black and original wood to come through, then glazed it using clear glaze mixed with black stain.  We finished it up with some wax to protect it and painted the original hardware black).  Ariel-1


Ariel-2Ariel-5 Ariel-3


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