Before & After

1-b&aA friend called me and said her and her sister wanted to surprise their parents, who were out of town,  with a living room makeover.

The plan was to do some re-arranging of furniture and not make any major changes in case the parents didn’t like the “surprise”!!

so that was the plan..until we needed a new tv console and This book case no longer worked in the room…

I was shocked and a little scared when the sisters agreed to chop the top of the book case off and make it the new tv console.

Their husbands chopped the top off and brought me the bottom half…

I was pretty proud of this one..I did it all by myself..cut the wood for the new top, used a router for the first time for the edges. some paint, glaze and there it is…a beautiful new tv console that looks great in the living room. { and yes…the parents liked it }


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