“Darlington” {sold}

darlington-2We found this piece for someone that needed something for their home-based hair salon.  We were pretty much given free reign to decide what to do with it.  So, we tried something new.  This was painted with Martha Living textured metallic paint (after a black base coat).  Wow, that paint is thick and I have to say after 2 coats we were a little scared.  It looked very streaky, but we went with it.  We sanded the entire piece…with the detail sander and by hand.  After that we used the Martha Living Metallic Glaze (I mixed it with clear glaze so it wouldn’t be so thick).  We did a little dry brushing with the textured metallic and we are so happy with how it turned out.  This piece sparkles…and with the new hardware, it is going to look so great in it’s new home.

darlington-3darlington-7 darlington-6 darlington-5 darlington-4


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