Getting ready for Valentine’s Day with some seriously cute signs….These have been very popular.  We will try to make more soon since these are all sold.

heart love-1 Love-burlap love-burlap-2 love-red


“Darlington” {sold}

darlington-2We found this piece for someone that needed something for their home-based hair salon.  We were pretty much given free reign to decide what to do with it.  So, we tried something new.  This was painted with Martha Living textured metallic paint (after a black base coat).  Wow, that paint is thick and I have to say after 2 coats we were a little scared.  It looked very streaky, but we went with it.  We sanded the entire piece…with the detail sander and by hand.  After that we used the Martha Living Metallic Glaze (I mixed it with clear glaze so it wouldn’t be so thick).  We did a little dry brushing with the textured metallic and we are so happy with how it turned out.  This piece sparkles…and with the new hardware, it is going to look so great in it’s new home.

darlington-3darlington-7 darlington-6 darlington-5 darlington-4


This 5 drawer dresser was almost put into a dumpster…good thing we came to the rescue and gave it a whole new look. It was so much fun working on this piece…I don’t know why, but a piece with cute legs is just always more fun! This piece would work great in so many different rooms of the house.  Obviously a bedroom, but it would also be great in an entry where you need some extra storage (I know we all need a lot of hats, scarves & gloves with the weather we have been having here lately!).  Maybe put a bench next to it and a row of hooks on the wall for coats.  Or what about in a bathroom…It would look so great with some different size glass jars on top of it filled with cotton balls, bars of soap, etc.  The pictures do not even do this piece justice.  If you have a room in your house that you think this piece would fit in, come check it out in person…it is AVAILABLE…click on “shop” for measurements & pricing.cambridge-2.cambridge-6 cambridge-7 cambridge-5 cambridge-4


Before & After

1-b&aA friend called me and said her and her sister wanted to surprise their parents, who were out of town,  with a living room makeover.

The plan was to do some re-arranging of furniture and not make any major changes in case the parents didn’t like the “surprise”!!

so that was the plan..until we needed a new tv console and This book case no longer worked in the room…

I was shocked and a little scared when the sisters agreed to chop the top of the book case off and make it the new tv console.

Their husbands chopped the top off and brought me the bottom half…

I was pretty proud of this one..I did it all by myself..cut the wood for the new top, used a router for the first time for the edges. some paint, glaze and there it is…a beautiful new tv console that looks great in the living room. { and yes…the parents liked it }

Starting any house projects in 2014? Need a carpenter?

If you are planning to do any projects in your house this year that require a great carpenter, I highly recommend Adrian Mannion with Kilkerrin Inc.  These are a few of the projects he has done in my house, and one of the benches he recently built for us to paint.  His cell # is 708-870-0998.  He is reasonably priced, and a meticulous worker!  If you call him, tell him Trish & Jules referred you.


still need to do some shopping…a few items are on SALE!!

you can call or email us if you would like to purchase any of these items..  call 708.289.3026 (Jules)

our adorable puppy…

He is darling right…about 10 months old now…and yesterday our little cutie ate that entire strand of plastic berries and a some pieces of a glass ornament off our tree…. so off to the vet we went  (of course the vet gave him a pill and he puked it all out). super Gross !!!  he’s lucky hes so cute and we love him 🙂 !!  (and 2 weeks ago my husband broke a bone in his foot stepping out the back door to get our dog)  Oh Finnegan !!!  Don’t you Love his sweaters..handmade by an amazing friend. she should start a business!!