Farmhouse Benches

1-new stuff1 1-new stuff

These are 2 of the benches our Awesome carpenter built for us to paint.

we have a few more ready to be painted if you want a custom color.

Starting any house projects in 2014? Need a carpenter?

If you are planning to do any projects in your house this year that require a great carpenter, I highly recommend Adrian Mannion with Kilkerrin Inc.  These are a few of the projects he has done in my house, and one of the benches he recently built for us to paint.  His cell # is 708-870-0998.  He is reasonably priced, and a meticulous worker!  If you call him, tell him Trish & Jules referred you.


still need to do some shopping…a few items are on SALE!!

you can call or email us if you would like to purchase any of these items..  call 708.289.3026 (Jules)

our adorable puppy…

He is darling right…about 10 months old now…and yesterday our little cutie ate that entire strand of plastic berries and a some pieces of a glass ornament off our tree…. so off to the vet we went  (of course the vet gave him a pill and he puked it all out). super Gross !!!  he’s lucky hes so cute and we love him 🙂 !!  (and 2 weeks ago my husband broke a bone in his foot stepping out the back door to get our dog)  Oh Finnegan !!!  Don’t you Love his sweaters..handmade by an amazing friend. she should start a business!!