This table is a great size for a small entry way, or to be used as a sofa table or would even be great in a large bedroom as a side table.  We love mis-matched side tables in a bedroom!

I painted this in a great greenish-blue color (sorry, this color came from some REALLY old martha stewart color swatches I have so I can’t give you the name).  After I painted it, I tried out a new glaze with a pecan stain (minwax polyshades, pecan satin), but I wasn’t having a ton of luck with the new glaze.  I wasn’t getting the look I wanted so I decided to just use some stain (I used the minwax polyshades antique walnut satin) .  If you do this, you have to act quick and wipe it off almost immediately after brushing it on.  It gives the same look as glazing, but is definitely a little harder to work with!

The polyshades is a stain & poly in one so after I was done it had a protective finish on it, but I still added some wax to the top & bottom surfaces to make it a little smoother and give a little more protection.

“Georgia” BEFORE…





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