What do you love about your kitchen?

Someone on facebook was asking for advice on a kitchen make-over…the things you love, the things you hate, things you wish you would have done differently.  So, I thought I would share our kitchen make-over…even though it is a few years old.  There are so many things I love about our kitchen…here are a few…the cream cabinets to the ceiling (several people tried to talk me out of painted cabinets…I am so happy I didn’t listen to them!).  The peninsula (the perfect spot for the kids to eat…and it is the area where you can really see the beautiful granite (so happy we went with a light color…really keeps the whole kitchen bright).  The brown siligranite sink…I was a little reluctant to pick a brown sink, but think it was the best decision we made (especially since we couldn’t agree on anything else!).  The small chandelier over the sink (I wish you could see it better in the pics…it has a bunch of small crystals…it is my favorite…but I tried to find it again to get one for my mom, and haven’t had any luck.).  I love the row of cabinets with the bump-out in the middle (oh, and all of the base cabinets in the bump out are drawers (definitely add some pull-out drawers if you update your kitchen).  There is also a pull-out cabinet that has 2 garbage cans in it (another must have!).  The one thing I really don’t love is the size of our refrigerator.  I wish I would have done a larger fridge because I do not even need those small cabinets next to it since we have plenty of storage in the pantry.  The pantry was a powder room (who wants to go to the bathroom in the kitchen???)…so we took it out and made it a walk-in pantry.  The pantry was pretty essential since the kitchen really is not that large.  It provides space for food, small appliances, cleaning supplies, a laundry basket, a recycle bin, and I even hung all of our thermal totes & the kids lunch bags on one wall.  I love being organized, so we also needed a work-space in the kitchen.  We took out a small closet (that really was not functional since the staircase was underneath it), and turned it into a little office nook…perfect spot for keeping track of everything we have going on!  I love our kitchen.  Overall I have no regrets…except that I do not have any before pictures.  I hated the kitchen that was there when we moved in.  Demolition day was so much fun.  Living through construction is NOT so much fun, but the end result makes it sooo worth it!  What do you love about your kitchen?

kitchen-3kitchen-2 kitchen-8 kitchen-7kitchen-4 kitchen-5 kitchen-6 kitchen-1 kitchen-pantry


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